The premier California senior community Palo Alto Commons hired Designworks to rebrand its identity, and Designworks hired me to create its new name. I knew the senior-living vertical well, having worked on a previous project with another agency. The project included brand discovery and assessment. For the first round of names, I submitted 5-10 names across five different categories, ranging from the pivotal role nature plays in the community to the built-in cachet from its proximity to landmarks. Demographics (income level, interests and more) played a key role in the second round of names, which evoked the sophistication of its residents.

When no names were chosen from the formal pitch, I drafted a less formal final round and sent it to Designworks. As a result, Palo Alto took to my idea of Avanti, an Italian word representing forward motion, and altered it slightly to make the new name Avant.

The Avant Stationery

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