Love Is the Order of the Day

Justice Kennedy's Opinion
Justice Kennedy's Opinion

The phrase that'll always stay with me when future me thinks back on June 26, 2015? It is so ordered. Immediately following Justice Kennedy's eloquent marriage ruling, the four words "It is so ordered" set into motion our country placing supreme value on love, freedom to marry and, most of all, human dignity.

I've always been a big fan of love. I've always thought it every person's right to choose with whom they wish to navigate this life. Rom-coms always pull me in, no matter how cheesy the dialogue. I adore hearing stories of friends and family who found "the one." And I've always been taken by stories in which two people from wildly different backgrounds love each other wholly and even though they're prevented from being together in a conventional sense, find one way or another to do so. Think Romeo & Juliet, or even Aladdin. I root for the lovebirds from the get-go and am usually a happy crying mess by story's end.

To decide to marry is huge. My wedding band has an inscription, "He chose me ..." That ellipsis replaces words much too long to be placed on a piece of jewelry: "... out of all the people in all the world." It amazes me that my guy chose me out of everyone he could possibly have met. And it equally astounds me that so many people on this planet still don't have that power of choice.

At my UU congregation, I spotted these rainbow-colored words on the wall. I believe in it all, and am proud to be a part of this community of people who treat each other with equal dignity, and see the value in human connectedness.

It is so ordered.