Product Features You Didn't Know Were There

I love being surprised and delighted by a they-thought-of-everything interaction with product packaging.

This new natural gum, Simply Gum, was a find for me, after having tried so many natural gum brands on the market. Then one day, long after purchase and having opened the packaging and using the gum several times over the course of a few weeks, I spotted a short line of copy that at first I mistook for a directive to post an update about the gum: "Post Chew Wraps."

It dawned on me that the company had built in tiny wrappers for discarding the chewed gum (we wouldn't it to sit in our stomach for 7 years, you know). What a cool product feature! It only made me love the product more.

As for the mildly confusing line of copy, I'd solve it with a simple hyphen: Post-Chew Wraps.

Tell me in the comments about a cool product packaging feature on one of your favorite products. 

P.S. Look what fun wordplay pops up when I visited the website! 

Wordplay + a 10% discount? I'm sold!

Wordplay + a 10% discount? I'm sold!

Emotional Response: Transported by Soda

I was handed one of these the other day and it instantly transported me to my childhood:

It's amazing how I could have gone my whole life without thinking of this product again. But the moment I spotted the "cartoon skyline and art deco font" making a comeback, I was suddenly running up to my dad as he was carrying a box of them, jumping up and down and grabbing at his jacket at the promise of a sugary refreshment. I texted my siblings to share the memory with them.

What's cool is that the soda is made with cane sugar, like they were back then, before high fructose corn syrup took over in nearly ever similar product.   

Can you remember a time when a product reboot evoked an emotional response for you? Please share in the comments!