‘My Guy’ Philosophy, Part II: When to Say Goodbye

Last month, I detailed the concept of the “my guy” seal of approval when it comes to services, and why we go with our guys: price, loyalty, and comfort being among the top factors.
But as loyal as we are, there may come a time when we have to find new guys.

“No, I could never leave my guy,” you might say. But surely there are things that could make us change our mind about one of our guys and make the switch to someone new?

Below are three times when I think you might consider it:

1. Your Guy Goes Out of Business This one’s a no-brainer. Time to ask your friends and family for referrals to their guys.

2. It’s All in the Family Speaking of families, another reason you might leave your guy is if someone in your family goes into the same business. I say “might” because I know some of you would never leave your guys, not even for someone who shares your DNA. But don’t be surprised when Uncle Lou announces he’s bought the local auto repair shop. I’m just sayin’.

3. A Guy of the Times As technology changes, so should any business. Those that choose to stick with traditional operations, marketing, or production may find themselves gradually losing customers. This is because so many consumers today (much to my chagrin) are focused on quantity rather than quality, or they gravitate toward the latest and greatest.

Even exterminators are up on the latest technology: An ad on the subway touts a bug-identifying iPhone app! More and more, business owners are realizing that to gain that competitive edge, they need today’s technology working for their business.

Talk Back Are you a business owner utilizing an app to connect with your customers? Let me know by leaving a comment!

My Guy Reader Write-In Thanks to Purchase resident Lenore Castaldo for sharing the story of her guy:

My Guy: Rocco DiPietro

Industry: Fine finish carpentry and all-around floor-and-tile guy, 914-646-0889.

Why My Guy: “I’ve known Rocco for about three years. I got him through Danny Rosamilla of Rosamilla Landscape, Inc. Silverlake is a tightly knit community, so getting a referral is never a problem. Woodworking is Rocco’s main business, but he can also renovate a kitchen and bath with no problem. He is punctual, fair-priced, neat and trustworthy – qualities that are becoming increasingly difficult to find.”

A My Guy Tweet-In A Twitter friend who runs a primo event-planning business in New York City read last month’s column and wrote me (in 140 characters) about his air-conditioning guy. I’ll let his tweet tell you:

“I have a party AC guy. Found by ref, & met him on the street w/$5.5k CASH 2 days b4 event. I ONLY use him! He’s loyal 2 me 2.”

Tell Me About Your Guy Got a guy here in Harrison you’d like to tout? Email carla@saidandsung.com or send me a direct message on Twitter (@Saidandsung) with your story and I’ll spotlight your guy in an upcoming column.

A Stylish Contribution to Autism Speaks We all know how hard it is to get a haircut on a Monday; now you can do get a haircut while giving to a great cause!

On Monday, April 18, Hair Creations, 245 Halstead Ave., presents Accent Beauty for Autism, a benefit hosted by Manager Anthony Rende beginning at 10 a.m.

The Hair Creations staff will offer women’s haircuts for a minimum donation of $50, and $30 for men. Eyebrow shaping is available for a donation of $40, and a blue extension can be done for a donation of $10. All money will be collected at the time of the service in cash and check only, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the group Autism Speaks. Call 914-835-1350.

NOTE: This article was originally published in The Harrison Report. It is being reprinted here with additional photos and expired event notices removed.

Look forward to hearing about your guy!

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