Viva La Vivolo! Sharing Your Business’ Business Creates Connection

Walking on the main drag a couple weeks ago in downtown Harrison, I was thrilled to a see this birth announcement in the window of Trattoria Vivolo:

The handwritten announcement not only made me excited for the Vivolo family, it endeared me to the restaurant even more. When I thought about it, this sharing of news with the community created an emotional connection between me and this local business.

Businesses look to Facebook and Twitter to make real connections with customers and potential customers every day. But don't forget that relationship-building can also be accomplished with poster board and a Sharpie.

You may not think it, but there are plenty of customers who want to know when you've got something to celebrate. They may wonder what your life is like outside your business, and may be experiencing similar milestones. The may not care to know how you're saving 15 percent or more on your car insurance, but likely would want to hear about upcoming weddings, graduations and birthdays. So don't be afraid to share your own business, in addition to your business proper.

Oh, and congratulations to proud papa and Chef/Owner Dean Vivolo. My best wishes to the newly expanded Vivolo family!



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