What Customers Want: See the Need, Then Fill It

Business is often as unpredictable as the weather, so when life hands you snowflakes, make the most of them, just like the Harrison Dollar Plus Store did in my town on this snow day (see the sign below).

Knowing another winter storm was on its way, the owner empathized with his customer base and ordered winter accessories like shovels and de-icers and windshield-washer fluid. When it arrived, he grabbed a marker and some poster board and quickly made a sign urging people to be prepared, and reassuring them that the store was their one-stop shop for snow-ready items they may need. The result? These indispensable items sold like hot cakes (something else you could certainly use on a cold day). Paying attention leads to getting paid.

PRIORITY ONE: YOUR CUSTOMERS Sure, the sign he made leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design, but if you're left out in the cold with no ice scraper or shovel, I would guess that aesthetics are the least of your concerns. What matters most is simple supply and demand. By determining your customers' needs, you are providing them with great service — which is what they want.

You notice how rainy days are banner days for those selling umbrellas on the streets of Manhattan? It's because those sellers also paid attention to the weather, enough to know when to kick up their inventory.

For more on how to take cues from the world outside your storefront, read my post on Proximity Marketing.

FOR WESTCHESTERITES The Harrison Dollar Plus Store features some items priced more than a dollar (hence the title), and if they don't stock something you're looking for, just ask and they will do their best to get it. Talk about great customer service. Call 914-630-4777.

Stay warm and well-stocked,


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