Shop Talk: ‘My Guy’ Psychology, Part I

We've All Got Our Guys ...

Oftentimes, when we are in need of a service — and it’s most often when we’re in a bind — we hear a reassuring and all-too-calm friend say, “Don’t worry. Go to my guy; tell him I sent you.”

We’ve all heard this variation on the “I know a guy” seal of approval. It should be noted that when we qualify the word by putting “my” in front of it, it makes the connection more personal: “I’ve got my guy.”

(Please be aware that though I use the word “guy” throughout, it refers to both males and females.)

From mechanics and other repair/service personnel like plumbers, electricians and exterminators to hairdressers/barbers and dry cleaners to even restaurants and physicians, we’ve all got our guys.

Since moving to Harrison, most of my guys that I currently turn to for services were found by word of mouth. Somebody told me about her guy for shoe repair, someone else recommended her guy for hair straightening, another raved about her guy who is an internist, another gave me the location of her guy for an eyebrow threader and one of those prior someones also told me about her guy for a physical therapist.

Of course, it isn’t always a match made in heaven — there’s a special synergy that needs to occur between customer and service provider — but I’d take a referral over a blind search any day.

Just why is it that we stick with our guys for so long? I have my theories:

1. The Price is Right This is quite possibly the biggest reason, especially if we got with our guy early, because that means we were grandfathered in at a great price. My guy for renters’ insurance is outstanding, but I first got to know my guy nearly 10 years ago, so I have an incredible rate that anyone getting to know my guy today probably won’t receive.

My husband has a guy who fixes his computer, and the No. 1 reason he always goes with his guy is because he’s highly affordable. Again, who knows if that’s the case for his guy’s other clients? And there’s the caveat: When referring your guy to someone for whom price is the deciding factor, try to leave that portion of the conversation, and let your friend and your guy figure that out.

2. Loyalty Face it, we are all rather protective of our guys; we will defend them to the end. They’ve seen us through so much. And from time to time, our guys may let us down — not delivering when they said they would; not doing a thorough job, requiring additional time or expense. But chances are, we will still recommend our guys because they will make good on their mistakes, sometimes in the form of freebies, and it’s hard finding someone you can trust. Besides, there’s something so satisfying about being able to say that you’ve been going to the same guy for years.

3. We’re Comfortable I moved out of the city three years ago, but I still make the trip to Manhattan every time I need to go to the dentist. Why? Because I like my guy (actually, my dentist is a she). So something like an hour commute isn’t enough to make me want to take the time to search through the database to find a new dentist in my network — one I may not end up liking.

It’s like dating. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay with the same guy and suffer the commute, than to find someone new. Besides, I think the fact that I continue to come in “all the way from Westchester” has made my guy appreciate me more, and it shows.

Next Month: ‘My Guy’ Psychology, Part II Yes, it takes a lot to change our minds and go with new guys. So what kinds of things could make us change our mind about our guy and make the switch to someone new? Find out in Part II of the ‘”My Guy” series next month.

Tell Me about Your Guy Got a guy here in Harrison that you’d like to tout? E-mail me at with your story and I’ll print it in an upcoming column.


Opening This Weekend Congrats to Masroor “James” Rajpar and Khalid Channa, co-owners of Go Natural Organic Health Food & Juice Bar, 240 Harrison Ave. (near T&T Luncheonette), on the opening of the downtown Harrison store.

This is the third store of its kind for Rajpar and Channa, who have two other locations in New Jersey (one for 22 years and counting; the other is opening simultaneously with the Harrison store). In choosing Harrison, Rajpar said it was a no-brainer.

“I didn’t see a health food store in the area; people in Harrison have to go all the way to Mrs. Green’s in Larchmont or go to Port Chester for such a store,” he said. “I believe there are lots of people here who want to engage in healthy living, and I am happy to help with that.”

He’ll even introduce you to a nutritionist. Every Saturday, the store will feature a nutritionist on hand for free consultations.

Go Natural is currently open and is offering huge discounts on vitamin sales — available for the remainder of the month at 40 percent off. The grocery section features most items at 40 percent off, and cereals are buy one get one free. The store also features a selection of gluten-free items, energy drinks, protein bars, weight gainers and protein supplements, smoothies and organic coffee. The juice bar will open in March.

Store hours are Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Accepts credit cards. Call 914-630-4590.


Shop Talk Tip: Open-Door Policy Last Friday, when the weather briefly hovered around 60 degrees, I was delighted to see several shops with open doors while walking through downtown. I found myself more likely to visit those shops; it was as though the owner was saying, “Come on in — we are happy to see you.” Stores like Big Top even placed merchandise outside, which I found myself looking over, even though I wasn’t in the market for anything in particular. There’s just something so welcoming about open doors and sidewalk sales. So when the weather permits, go ahead and let prospective customers know you want them to stop in!

Carla Rose Fisher is a freelance writer for web and print. Visit her website at

NOTE: This article was originally published in The Harrison Report. It is being reprinted here with additional photos.