Vanity, Thy Name Is Facebook Promotion!

FACEBOOK TIPS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS Groups vs. Pages: Learn the Differences

The most common question asked by my clients this year is whether they should set up a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page (Business Page) for their respective companies. If you Google "Facebook group vs. page" you'll see there are many articles that explain the differences, not to mention plenty of comments from people all over about which they prefer and what issues they've experienced. If you're trying to make this important decision, reading through the different opinions will be useful.

Whenever I set up a Facebook presence for a client, I almost always choose Pages. One of the big reasons is that when the administrator of a page posts a message on the wall of that Page, it will show up in the news feed (wall) of every fan of that page (Pages have fans rather than members). This functionality is not available to Groups.

Vanity = Memorability

Another great feature of a Page (and not a Group) is you can secure a vanity link for your Page. A vanity link is a custom URL that enables you to use, which is great for your promotions, because you can just put that URL on an ad or poster because it's easier for people to remember than, say,

To see if the vanity link you want is taken, go to this link checker.

To actually get your vanity URL, go to If you're not logged in, you will have to log in there. Then, at the bottom, click "Set a username for your Pages."

NOTE: You must have 25 fans to get your vanity URL for a Page. So invite as many people as you can to your page by clicking "Suggest to Friends" at the top left of your actual business Page. Once you've hit 25 fans and you've secured your vanity link — presto! — anyone can get to your Page by typing in that easy-to-remember URL.

NOTE: Your vanity link may not display in the browser at first (from what I've observed, you need 100 fans for it to display in the browser as well).

You can also get a vanity link for your personal profile on Facebook (but again, not for Groups). Just use the same link above.

Do you use a Group or a Page, and why do you prefer it?

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