Where’s Your Killer Web Promo Video? Talk to My Guys at FUTUREHYPE

Pick a video, any video ... Do one big thing for your business by clicking here to view the online portfolio of the best video production guys I know. It takes merely one minute to see why I vouch for their artistry time and time again.

On this week's Forward Motion (PODCAST HERE), Carmen and I sat down with Adam Harley and Alan Kirschen, the creative artists behind the video production company FUTUREHYPE Media.

With production studios in Larchmont and Scarsdale, FUTUREHYPE creates everything from 60-second commercials for Fortune 500 companies and 30-second local cable spots for small businesses to web promo videos that provide a company overview on company websites.

Click here for the 25-minute podcast. The conversation begins 5 minutes in.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

+ Why Companies of All Sizes Benefit from Video

+ The Role Music Plays in Promo Videos

+ How Best to Tell A Client's Story

+ How to Respect Your Viewer

What's more, Adam and Alan also happen to be about the most down-to-earth professionals you'll meet. Click here for the 25-minute podcast and hear for yourself. The convo begins at the 5-minute mark.

Follow Adam's new Twitter account: @adam_harley.

As always, you can listen live every Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET on WGCH.com.