Have You Posted Your Holiday Hours Yet?

It's November 1, and for the past couple weeks, I've started to notice shops around Westchester announcing their holiday hours. This makes me so happy, seeing companies plan ahead and, most of all, communicating with their customers. If you have a storefront, you should post your holiday hours ASAP. Why? Read on:

1) Keeps customers informed: People like to be in the know, especially savvy holiday shoppers. They want to be able to plan their shopping trips accordingly, and can't do so if they have to guess if and when you'll be open on Black Friday, for example.

2) Shows customers you respect their time. By posting your holiday hours, you're showing your customers you've thought about their busy schedules, and you want to give them plenty of notice so that they can be sure to fit you into their plans.


Now that you know why it's important to post holiday hours now, keep in mind:

TIP #1: Post the holidays you observe, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you observe Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Canadian holidays like Remembrance Day, your customers need to know you won't be open on those days.

Knowing your customers, you may also choose to close on holidays that they observe, on the assumption that you won't get much store traffic. Conversely (and this depends on your particular product or service), if you don't observe a holiday your customers do, then it's possible that you can remain open that day and rake in high profits by being one of the only stores open for their last-minute purchases.

Moreover, you should note whether you'll be open on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving). Some stores will close on both Thursday and Friday, so it's not always a given that they'll be open on the busiest shopping day of the year.

TIP #2: Say it with style. Quizno's used a play on words — "Quiz the Season" — to announce its holiday hours (see photo above). From a design standpoint, the use of the color red signifies that the store follows the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year's holiday calendar, and it also allows those particular hours to stand out visually alongside its normal business hours.

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Season's Greetings,