Exclamation Nation

Let's face it. We love exclamation points. It's how we express emotion. When we're excited about a sale or a funny video clip or a great photo, we say, "You've got to see this!"

But when it comes to professional copy — especially corporate copy — we must choose our formatting carefully. Reducing the amount of exclamations to one per page is an effective way to ensure that your reader's eye will be drawn to THE IMPORTANT STATEMENT YOU WANT TO EMPHASIZE. Take this paragraph, for example: The use of all caps, much like exclamatory copy, makes that phrase stand out among the 70 other words here.

Effective copy needs balance in the way the words are formatted. These days, littering your online copy with too many exclamation points (or too much bolding or underlining or italics, for that matter), can come across as spam — especially when used in subject lines, headlines and subheads.

So be discriminate about your exclamations; don't reduce their power by overuse. Use them sparingly, so that they really pack a punch.

Note: Only one exclamation was used in the making of this blog post.

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