To Throw An Error Is Human: Build Customer Relationships with Error Copy

It may not be high on your list of site release priorities, but 404 and 500 error page content are excellent opportunities to further extend your brand to engage site visitors. After all, mistakes happen, and error pages are definitely part of the customer experience.

Rather than going with default error pages that often look like robots are running the joint, show your customers your human side. Check out how Fandango's folksy brand voice endears its customers with this 500 error content:

The folks at Fandango are making CX fun.

The folks at Fandango are making CX fun.

I don't know about you, but reading this content only made me love the Fandango brand even more. The silly image, the copy, the punctuation — it all works so well together.

No one likes throwing an error because it means taking extra time, but why not turn it into a positive customer experience by making your site visitors smile? 

And don't forget to provide links to other areas of your site so your customers can get back on track!