Facebook Therapy: Tech Therapist Offers Smart Tips for Business Owners

Forward Motion was thrilled to welcome to the show Greenwich resident Jennifer Shaheen of The Technology Therapy Group, a full-service Web design and marketing development group.

Jennifer is savvy across all forms of online marketing, but our focus for this show was how businesses can leverage their Facebook presence to gain traction and new customers.

The podcast will soon be available. Please email me to be notified when it's up.

Show Host Carmen Carrozza and I have both taken Technology Therapy's Web classes to get up to speed for our respective businesses, and Jennifer has packed so many tips into our show!

On this 25-minute podcast you'll learn:

+ The Difference Between Your Profile & Your Page

+ How to Keep Up with Privacy Settings (here's a hint)

+ The Rules of Engagement

+ The Specificity of Facebook Ads

+ What Outranks Pages in Searches

+ Posting Strategies for Your Page

+ Facebook Photo-Synthesis

Carmen and I extend our sincere thanks to Jennifer for sharing these tips with our listening audience.

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Where’s Your Killer Web Promo Video? Talk to My Guys at FUTUREHYPE

Pick a video, any video ... Do one big thing for your business by clicking here to view the online portfolio of the best video production guys I know. It takes merely one minute to see why I vouch for their artistry time and time again.

On this week's Forward Motion (PODCAST HERE), Carmen and I sat down with Adam Harley and Alan Kirschen, the creative artists behind the video production company FUTUREHYPE Media.

With production studios in Larchmont and Scarsdale, FUTUREHYPE creates everything from 60-second commercials for Fortune 500 companies and 30-second local cable spots for small businesses to web promo videos that provide a company overview on company websites.

Click here for the 25-minute podcast. The conversation begins 5 minutes in.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

+ Why Companies of All Sizes Benefit from Video

+ The Role Music Plays in Promo Videos

+ How Best to Tell A Client's Story

+ How to Respect Your Viewer

What's more, Adam and Alan also happen to be about the most down-to-earth professionals you'll meet. Click here for the 25-minute podcast and hear for yourself. The convo begins at the 5-minute mark.

Follow Adam's new Twitter account: @adam_harley.

As always, you can listen live every Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET on WGCH.com.



Chatting with America’s LinkedIn Lady, Carol McManus

Carmen Carrozza and I were thrilled to have Carol McManus, a.k.a. The LinkedIn Lady, on our Forward Motion show on 1490 WGCH. Carol is part of the WCCH family, hosting her own show every Wednesday at 9 a.m. (see below for more info). Click here to listen to the podcast of our chat with Carol.

Many people know that LinkedIn has become a go-to tool for professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations, especially job seekers and headhunters, but Carol cuts through the guesswork of how to develop a strong presence on the site.

Carol shared with us some no-nonsense tips, including:

+ How to Effectively Use LinkedIn

+ First Steps to Creating Your Profile

+ The Importance of Recommendations

+ The Quality (& Quantity) of Connections

+ Getting Personal with Introductions

+ How to Devise a Posting Strategy

Click here to listen to 25 minutes of valuable tips from Carol.

And listen to Carol's show, The LinkedIn Lady, on WGCH.com every Wednesday at 9 a.m. EDT. For those who need a jump-start to creating their profiles, Carol's running a Boot Camp, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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A Twinkie Never Dies: Fitness, Forward Motion-Style

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, Carmen Carrozza and I welcomed personal trainer Jana Heath to our Forward Motion show for some straightforward health tips that can keep us all on track with our get-fit resolutions. She also explains why ingredient-laden foods like Twinkies are not smart choices (not groundbreaking news, I know, but the way she phrases it is hilarious).

A former NYC fitness instructor, Jana teaches Zumba and other classes at several central Connecticut gyms, while also making house calls and visiting the offices of her corporate clients.

While chatting with Jana, we learned:

+ How to Swap Out Butter in Recipes

+ Jana's Homage to Jack LaLanne

+ How Much Water You Really Need

+ Your New Grocery Shopping Strategy

+ How to Forget What Didn't Work Yesterday

Jana is such a dynamic trainer that you'll get fired up just listening to her!

Want more tips? Visit Jana's blog.

A true entrepreneur, Jana also teaches acting classes to little ones — from newborns to teens! Visit her Acting Out site for more info.

As always, tune into Forward Motion every Tuesday at 4 p.m. EDT on WGCH.com.

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Is Your Business Twitter-Fated? All Signs Point to Yes!

As a follow-up to our Forward Motion radio show on Tuesday, Nov. 16, in which host Carmen Carrozza and I discussed online marketing with INDIEbusiness entrepreneur Donna Maria Coles Johnson, I'd like to emphasize the overlying message we were trying to convey to business owners:


Doesn't matter what product you're peddling or service you're selling; Donna Maria made it rather clear that every business can up its value by using Twitter to reach out to customers, fans and the general public, in hopes of making true connections with them — connections that foster long-term growth for your company, because common interests and circumstances (discoverable through social media likes, tweets, posts and comments) bring people together. Once relationships are established, you never know when that connection will lead to a sale or another opportunity for you or your company.


When I asked Donna Maria what she would say to a business owner who is afraid that he or she can't think of anything valuable to say on Twitter, or is afraid of not being able to dish out enough content, she summed up her answer in 3 words: "Get over it." She reassured our listeners that their tweets don't have to be pithy, or even industry-related for that matter. Simply sharing your favorite ice cream flavor, she said, can lead to a true connection.

Read Donna Maria's excellent blog post about how to "Get Over It" and get going on expanding your customer base through social media by clicking here or clicking the image below.


Afraid you don't know the lingo or how to find others on Twitter or how to use keywords? Twitter provides a great getting-started section for businesses. The best way, however, is just to dive in and get started. You'll catch on simply by watching how other businesses use the space.

And to read up on etiquette, check out The Morning News' savvy guide to polite Twitter usage.

To listen to our Forward Motion conversation with Donna Maria, download the podcast.


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Carla "Mint Chocolate Chip" Fisher

You’re Looking at WGCH’s Newest Listeners’ Advocate …

Great news!

Last week on WGCH's Forward Motion, Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza asked me to be a regular contributor on his show! I will be the show's Listeners' Advocate, playing the role of the layperson, sporadically asking questions for clarification or rebutting when necessary to speak on the listeners' behalf, or just plain causing some good old-fashioned back-and-forth! In essence, a co-host.

You can hear Forward Motion every Tuesday from 4-4:30 p.m. EST on wgch.com. Just click "Listen Live." Call in with your questions and comments at 203-661-5051.

The Oct. 12 show was my third appearance on the show. It was special to me not only because Carmen asked me to be a regular contributor, but also because I was able to speak in tribute to my late father, a small-business owner for 50 years. Listen to the podcast here.

Hope to hear you call in on a future show!


Returning to Forward Motion Radio Show

Tune in today (Oct. 12) at 4 p.m. EDT, as I make my third appearance on life and business coach Carmen Carrozza's "Forward Motion" radio show. You can listen live on 1490 AM WGCH.

As always, Carmen and I will discuss how we can assist small businesses and entrepreneurs in their marketing plan efforts. Listen in and call us at 203-661-5051 with your questions!



Discussing Marketing with Business-Savvy Radio Host Carmen Carrozza

One of my clients, Carmen Carrozza, has a weekly business show on WGCH AM1490. When he asked my ideas for what to name it, I came up with Forward Motion because as a business coach, Carmen is always helping people move forward — individuals looking to land a new job, entrepreneurs launching a new venture, sales teams setting game-changing monthly goals.

I've appeared on the show twice: on 5/25/10 and on 6/22/10.

During my latest appearance, we discussed marketing as it relates to the Social Web, and ways to keep content fresh. We went into what companies of different sizes can do to get more value out of their marketing dollars, by spreading their key messages across allchannels, from their Web sites to blogs to newsletters to Facebook to Twitter.

The biggest message that I was looking to impart to the listening audience was that everything you do as a business owner is an opportunity to promote yourself. This was most evident in my June 19 blog post, in which I describe how experiencing National Donut Day at Dunkin' Donuts sparked an idea for how adjacent small businesses can capitalize on the marketing and promotions of neighboring businesses, especially the large-budget franchises. Carmen and I also discussed some of the work I have done for his business.

Feel free to comment on this post to answer me this: Now that we're almost 7 months into 2010, what's the most effective promotion or marketing effort you've run this year?

With forward motion,


Get help with your Web site, brochure, newsletter, social media efforts and more at saidandsung.com.

Saidandsung Returns to WGCH … Listen Live!

Business coach Carmen Carrozza and I had such a great time discussing business marketing on his radio show back in May that he's invited me back! Tune into tomorrow to "Forward Motion" on AM 1490 WCGH, from 4-4:30 p.m. Stream it online by visiting WGCH.com and clicking 'Listen Live' at the top left of the show's site.

Carmen and I will be discussing how I've helped his marketing efforts as well as defining which marketing works best for small businesses, large companies, B2B, mom-and-pop shops, retail and professional services. Call in at 203-661-5051 to ask your marketing questions!

You can read more about Carmen on his Web site.

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WGCH extends to the Bronx, parts of NYC, the North Shore of Long Island, Brewster and all of Westchester.

Saidandsung’s Recent Radio Appearance

Being a guest on Carmen Carrozza's radio show, Forward Motion, was a blast! Carmen is a business and executive coach with an extensive financial background who uses his super-savvy economic know-how to help clients and corporate teams reach their potential.

On the air, we had a chance to talk about all the things I'm working on — from business writing to songwriting to teaching children performing arts skills.

I'll soon be joining Carmen again as his guest, and this time, we'll delve deeper into the marketing world of small business and how together we can help your company. Tune in at 4 p.m.!

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Saidandsung Is All Talk … Radio, That Is.

Tomorrow, I'll have the pleasure of being a guest on business coach/life coach Carmen Carrozza's radio show, Forward Motion (named by yours truly). The show will be broadcast on News Talk AM 1490 WCGH, out of Greenwich, Conn., from 4-4:30 p.m.

You can stream it live online or tune in old-school — the reach extends to the Bronx, parts of NYC, the North Shore of Long Island, Brewster and all of Westchester.

This is a thrill for me because it gives me a chance to discuss how I got started with Saidandsung.com and what sort of challenges I've experienced, as well as how awesome my clients are. Plus, it's really great of Carmen to want to promote my business!

You can read more about Carmen on his Web site.

Listen if you can, and thanks for reading,