An Indigo Christmas

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is listening to Christmas music. As a songwriter, listening to these tunes, many of them written by the greatest songwriters of all time, fills me with joy, not just for the season, but for memories of Christmases past.

My sister-in-law surprised us (thanks, Sara!) with the delivery of "Holly Happy Days," the long-awaited Christmas album by the Indigo Girls. I was thrilled to receive it. In this digital-download world, I love it when an album release gives good reason to buy the physical CD  instead of merely downloading, because the packaging is just. that. cool.

The CD front features a bow enclosure like a gift-wrapped box. After opening the bow, inside is a pocket with three decorated pieces of cardboard, made to look like hanging ball ornaments, each with an old-timey design on one side and the lyrics to an original tune by Emily and Amy on the other: "Your Holiday Song" "The Wonder Song" and "Mistletoe."

Each ornament has a top for inserting a hook and hanging them on your tree (which I happily did)! What a great way to showcase the lyrics to these tunes in an interactive way that stretches the brand and essentially enables fans to make the Indigo Girls part of their respective Christmases.

Brilliant. And soul-warming. And, oh yeah, the music is pretty great too. :)

What are your favorite CD package designs? Perhaps it was a piano-shaped box set? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Fa la la la la,