Better Writing (and Business) Begins Here

Welcome to the blog for! My name is Carla Fisher, and here is where I’ll share writing, marketing and business tips that will make your copy fresh, sharp and engaging. I'll also offer up ideas on creativity, business operations and systems (such as file organization) and social media tips.

From time to time, I'll share my songwriting developments and any announcements (Yippees) and my Harrison (N.Y.) business column as well as radio show, Forward Motion, based in Greenwich, Conn.

Please feel free to add comments and ask questions! Let's make this a dialogue.

I have a great deal of social networking experience, having worked in the space for five years in the areas of user experience/quality assurance, search engine optimization and marketing, blogging and community-building, writing/editing and Web site consulting.

My 13-plus years of writing and editing projects have been vast and varied:

+ Call-out copy, landing pages and banners

+ Site copy, executive bios, FAQs and privacy policies

+ Voiceover scripts, TV and radio ads, and CD inserts

+ Brochures, feature articles and sidebars

+ E-newsletters, press releases and press kits

+ Sales letters, annual reports, formal letters and resumes

+ Greeting cards, speeches, songs and children’s writing

Please note that the editing style I favor is that of The Associated Press Stylebook. So those sticklers for The Chicago Manual of Style or The New York Times, know that I have used those styles in the past but I choose to follow AP.

If the kind of writing you need is not listed in any of the above projects or areas, ask! I am always up for a new challenge, and have found that my skills are easily transferable.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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