The largest online radio network of its kind, BlogTalkRadio is where content creators, brands, bloggers and celebs broadcast to 25 million unique online visitors a month. I was hired as a contractor initially to create copy for the company's redesigned website, then subsequently hired to craft content for a daily newsletter modeled after The Daily Beast. I also created one-off emails and promos that were designed for specific events (such as a Q-and-A podcast with social media marketing master Guy Kawasaki to coincide with his latest book release and an interview with legendary crooner Tony Bennett upon release of his duets album with Lady Gaga).

The big challenge with BlogTalkRadio was that its users include both podcast hosts and podcast listeners. So every piece of content had to speak to one or the other, or both. The tagline I wrote, “Discover what the world has to say” (screenshot below), effectively speaks to both.

BlogTalkRadio Tagline


In addition to the home page sliders (see an example below), headers and bulleted short copy, the remaining Web content I wrote for BlogTalkRadio included the about page, the announcement bars at the top of the home page (commonly referred to as "hello bars"), a social media tagline, internal baggers for hosts and listeners, and all the written informational content for the company's Facebook page.

BlogTalkRadio Home Page Slider Headlines

Overheard: Curating & Writing BlogTalkRadio's Daily Listener Email 

For the greater part of the year, I curated the best content among the thousands of podcasts housed on the site into an opt-in email newsletter entitled Overheard (I also created the title). This character-limited copy was fun to write, as I encapsulated not only what was most popular on BlogTalkRadio, but also what was going on in the news, in pop culture, on the calendar of U.S. and world holidays, etc. 

Blurb copy is among my favorite to write, as it challenges me to write headlines that engage without being wordy. It's like solving a puzzle; if you've got the right words, you can always find a way to make them fit. Below is a sample newsletter. (Design credit: Tricia Okin of papercut)

With 35,000 new shows a month, BlogTalkRadio found it challenging to keep the show categories tidy. It's no wonder — with shows on every topic ranging from Roth baseball to reiki to reincarnation, there were originally 77 categories! I helped pare down the categories to 23, then wrote one-paragraph descriptions for each of them to entice the listeners to search for shows they wanted to hear most. Below is a sample writeup for one of the categories.

BlogTalkRadio Category Description Sample


Riddle us this: What’s the most geektastic thing you do in your spare time? Are you a gamer? A gardener? A Comic Con groupie whose loyalty falls on one side of the DC-Marvel spectrum? The way we play outside work is as varied as our personalities, and let’s face it, we’re all nerds about something. Maybe your browser history shows you’re bidding on a Star Wars action figure or a lamppost for your Lionel train layout. Perhaps your preference for the paranormal means you download every episode of America’s Most Haunted. No matter your guilty pleasure, BlogTalkRadio allows hobbyists to geek out together on whatever it is they gravitate — or levitate — toward. Talk shop with bloggers, critics, even blog critics on what matters to you, or steer the conversation by hosting your own niche show. Oh, and it probably goes without saying, Trekkies welcome here.