Casue Sweets is a New York City-based handmade cookie favor business owned by twins Carolyn and Susanne Falbee. These confectionary creations are showstoppers, instantly adding pizzazz to any event. I was hired by freelance designer Tricia Okin of papercut and tasked with crafting a tagline and heads and subheads for the company's BizBash Live Expo signage.  Visit Site

Casue Sweets Tagline

The "Custom cookies for the perfect fit" tagline was an instant hit with Casue, in keeping with its fashion trendsetter brand identity. Once I saw the visuals of the denim cookies, the Louboutin shoes and the Pnina Tornai wedding dress, I knew each of these style must-haves were all about finding the perfect fit, so that wording quickly fell into place. The word "custom" was a defining part of their product line. I then created the attention-grabbing headline "Style is baked in" — the play on words not only exuded warmth, but also conveyed the inherent product quality.

Casue Sweets Banner Short Copy

The inclusion of pizza, Harley-Davidsons, Jack Daniels and Day of the Dead masks in this promo section clued me in that a casual copy tone was the way to go in attracting Casue's trade show audience. They wanted to play up their delivery service, so I emphasized that in the call-to-action. They loved the plastic pens reference, signaling to event planners that choosing Casue for your goodie bags would be anything but boring. "Edible wows" used onomatopoeia to evoke the most common physical/aural reaction to Casue's stunning product line.