When I first learned that Leadership Snohomish County had taken on the unique countywide visioning work known as SUMMIT 2038, I knew we needed a powerful headline to inspire action across all demographics of Snohomish County. After all, this wasn’t the usual visioning event where ideas are generated one day and then forgotten the next. True community activation requires seeing ideas through to completion, so I decided to reimagine the word vision as a verb, as a way to reinforce the idea of turning what’s possible on its head and emphasizing action. It’s not the talking that will create lasting community solutions; it’s the doing. So I wrote the attention-grabbing headline Vision is a verb:

Vision is a verb tag for SUMMIT 2038.png


Like any digital marketing strategist, I knew LSC needed an effective hashtag to encourage engagement and share the ongoing work of SUMMIT 2038. If we’re already making nouns into verbs (see above) to mirror the new ways to think about visioning events, then why not also rethink the syntax of lines like find everything that’s possible or find what’s possible? Neither of those make for concise hashtags, and we could do without extraneous words like that’s when fewer words can pack a punch. Find the possible was the answer, and I incorporated it into the tagline above using the contraction Let’s to make the suggestion for taking action both all-inclusive and personal. It also ties nicely into the Vision is a verb tagline and how we can turn commonly held assumptions on their head.

 SUMMIT 2038 Digital Invite with Leadership Day Note

I was tasked with creating an email invite to SUMMIT 2038, and chose the word co-create for its strong consonance and imagery of collaboration, harkening back to the event being inclusive of all individuals throughout Snohomish County (see the invite content below). The Vision is a verb headline was used as the email header image.

A challenge with the invitation side of the event was that October 15 was also LSC’s annual fundraising breakfast, Leadership Day. To minimize confusion, we positioned Leadership Day as the kickoff event for SUMMIT 2038. I decided to address it in the copy below the call to action with the line October 15 already on your calendar? and casually encouraging those who had RSVP’d for Leadership Day to stay for SUMMIT.

Summit invite less tagline.png

Headline and Page Content for the SUMMIT 2038 area of the LSC Website

When I wrote the headline A Singular Event for a Collective Purpose, LSC Executive Director Kathy Coffey liked it so much, we debated using it for an email subject line to boost open rates. Ultimately, we decided that since we were sending social media users and our digital newsletter subscribers to the SUMMIT 2038 page on the LSC website, the first thing those site visitors see should be this powerful statement, because those who would be most likely to participate in SUMMIT 2038 are those who have a stake in Snohomish County and wish to see it thrive: SUMMIT 2038 is not your typical visioning event, and its success will positively impact the entire community. The headline paired well with the SUMMIT 2038 logo (expertly designed by Milltown Creative to include in its mountainous peaks a reference to the Snohomish County logo’s treetops).

Pre-Event SurveyMonkey Email for SUMMIT 2038

Since so much of SUMMIT 2038’s success depends on data culled from community engagement, we launched a pre-event survey to help gather more opinions to flesh out the information already collected. The focus of the survey email had to be on 1) the importance of participation, and 2) the short amount of time taking the survey requires. What resulted was the concise content below:

Post-Event Recap of SUMMIT 2038 in LSC Digital Newsletter

SUMMIT 2038 was an inspiring success, and the spirit of the day was beautifully captured by photographer William Wright. When we saw the level of active listening depicted across people of all backgrounds and age ranges, we knew we had to use these photos across our website, our social media and in the promotions for our SUMMIT follow-up events. Below is the collage I created on Canva.com and shared in LSC’s November monthly newsletter to highlight some of the best photos from the day, making sure to include a call to action for participants to share their SUMMIT photos on our social media:

Digital Newsletter Pop-Up

This notification pops up on the LSC website 30 seconds after a site visitor views the home page for the first time:

LSC Newsletter signup.png