Premier senior-living developer WESTliving hired ID Marketing & Design to deliver brand identity to 5 of its acquisitions across 3 verticals. As ID's chief copywriter, I was initially hired to craft website, print ad and brochure content for one property, McDowell Village.

The client requested a touchy-feely tone, and it didn't take long to find the fun in senior living, using California's landscape as a jumping-off point for leisure-filled days amid resort-style amenities. It was in the website drafts that I first submitted this headline: "This isn’t retirement. It’s inspire-ment." WESTliving loved it so much, they made it the focal point of the brochure and the print ads. 

I was rehired to do WESTliving's company tagline (inspire development), mission statement and core values. For the former, I crafted a phrase that not only recalled their identity as real estate developers, but also reinforced the inspire-ment theme. After all, WESTliving seniors can choose their own adventure daily. For the core values, the acronym INSPIRE stood for Integrity, Neighborliness, Service, Profitability, Innovation, Respect and Excellence. After I drafted key messages for each, ID created a small print booklet aimed at both employees and customers, with one value per page (like the print marketing piece the Container Store created for its Foundation Principles).

McDowell Village Print Ads


McDowell Village Brochure Writing

McDowell Village Brochure

WESTliving Core Value Writing