The Seattle-based design firm Doubleknot Creative hired me to write five main content pages for the site redesign of Seattle King County REALTORS®. In ramping up on this vertical, I first investigated the registered mark on the last word in the company's name. I was intrigued by the difference in status between being a REALTOR® vs. a real estate agent. Turns out that mark means everything.

The client didn't want the site content to be exceptionally text heavy, so we took the tack of drafting short introductory paragraphs visitors can nav away from to get to more content. I set out to make the copy persuasive and simple, succinct copy but not too sparse, so there'd be enough meat on each page. I worked from wireframes and two home page directions, with both a branding platform and a messaging platform to provide a great deal of baseline content. It was a fast-paced but straightforward project, so I was able to turn it around quickly and on target. And let me just say it never gets old hearing the client say we nailed it!  Visit Site

Seattle King County REALTORS® Home Page Sliders

In creating the home page sliders (commonly known as hero slides), I made them consistent with one the firm already had in place, in terms of both formatting and tone. This character-limited copy needed powerful headlines and a subhead CTA to match.

Seattle King County REALTORS® Product Page Short Copy

I thrive on short copy — the challenge of saying so much with so little space is thrilling to me. We kept these product pages short and sweet so that site users can nav ahead for more info. I also made microedits to make the layout even.


Seattle King County REALTORS® Company History Editing & Refresh

The company also needed some extensive editing of its history page. I curated key moments from a lengthy company timeline and freshened up some of the dated language by using the first person plural. Once drafted, I took another editing pass for design purposes to condense how the content laid out. I also changed the title from Our History to A History of Service, to more effectively reflect the company's mission