Stop stressing over the right phrase to sum up your service — hire me to write a killer tagline for you. That video you need to raise your Google rank? I’ll tell your brand story in 2 minutes or less. Got a bored-stiff set of FAQs? Let’s add personality to build rapport with your site visitors.

We’re living in a Twitter world, and it’s made us more concise. Good thing, too, because we don’t read like we did in the past. Attention spans are short, so I get you in front of your target just long enough to deliver a meaningful, straight-shooting message. And when not restricted by word counts, I’ll distill even the most complex concepts into digestible bites — whether it’s a site launch, SXSW signage or daily email content you’re after.


As a versatile digital content creator, my approach combines research and strategy to meet your goals and effectively reach your audience.  I believe the best way to complete projects is to stay in touch, and I speak the language of designers, so all projects start with a thoughtful phone or Skype call outlining mutual goals and expectations. Throughout the writing process, I’ll update you via email, Basecamp or a project management app of your choosing, so you’ll always know we’re on schedule and on budget.

What are you looking to launch? Tell me all about it.

Project Types At a Glance