The West Coast firm ID Marketing & Design hired me to craft a persuasive tagline, create copy for a B2B brochure and freshen up the website language for the premier HR solutions provider Total HR, a company looking to grow its customer base from referrals. 

The 12-panel brochure — which would be used as a leave-behind at client meetings — contained a case study with analytics, but as one colleague in the first conference call summed up the company, "These guys are real." That the piece would be read by humans stuck with me when writing the initial tagline drafts, and the winner (More Resources. More Human.) practically wrote itself. For the remainder of the content, I created brief, elegant, leading-edge copy with a hint of flair that would draw in the company owners, CEOs and presidents with sophisticated vocabularies who would be scanning the brochure, rather than reading it, so I used short copy (headlines, bullet points and charts) to that end. I also showcased a testimonial to emphasize the human connection and compel readers to place their trust and confidence in Total HR's customizable solutions.

Total HR Tagline and Brochure Cover

Total HR Brochure Back & Interior Page

Total HR Full 12-Panel Brochure