Designworks, a California branding agency, initially hired me to write all content for a landing page for the tech collaboration platform Vidyo. The resulting success lead to my creating a slew of deliverables for Vidyo: a homepage tagline (HD Video Conferencing Without Boundaries), which was extended to Vidyo's trade show booth signage. My work culminated in headlines and body copy for a direct-mail showpiece that housed a fully operable video screen. Using snail mail to house enviable functionality (when I wrote the headline Seeing is believing, I was a believer) and emphasize Vidyo's capabilities for face-to-face meetings without racking up travel costs was not just a compelling juxtaposition, it was thoroughly inspiring. 

Vidyo Tradeshow Booth Tagline

Vidyo Trade Show Booth Lounge Tagline

Vidyo Trade Show Booth Headlines

Vidyo Booth Headlines.jpg

Vidyo Trade Show Mailer with Digital Autoplay of Overview Video


Vidyo Trade Show Mailer Short Copy

Vidyo Trade Show Mailer Envelope

Vidyo Home Page Taglines

Vidyo Nintendo Campaign Headline & Subhead


Vidyo Nintendo Campaign Landing Page