It's always thrilling to get in on the ground floor of a startup and have a hand in nearly every customer-facing communication. Enumerating all I wrote for the video conferencing site Watchitoo would be too much to name in this space, but a highlight for me was writing the lifetime user emails. Making every step on a site visitor's journey clear and engaging, from opt-in to account close request, appeals to my passion for ensuring the highest-quality user experience. A shortlist of other Watchitoo projects included taglines, content for the company's South by Southwest booth, home page content, overview video scripts, landing pages, product copy, FAQs, a pricing matrix, banners, iPhone app copy and a white paper. I even got to share my customer experience feedback by QA’ing the site on an as-needed basis. 

Watchitoo has since been rebranded as newrow_ (underscore intended), so most all of my written site content is no longer available. But I've included a few samples below from my files.

Watchitoo South by Southwest (SXSW) Booth One-Sheets

Watchitoo booked a booth in the vaunted South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and needed one-sheets to serve as the company's proverbial handshake with foot traffic. This meaty collateral included headlines, capsule writing and bulleted copy. Considering the notice-me competition at South by, we aimed for a streamlined look, with attention-grabbing headlines and succinct body content. I also worked with the designer to achieve parallelism with the layout, solving widows to make complementary sections equal in length.   

Watchitoo SXSW Booth One-Sheets

Watchitoo SXSW Booth One-Sheets

Vidyo Booth Headlines.jpg

Watchitoo Site Landing Pages

Some landing page content I wrote for Watchitoo included headlines, subheads, character-limited copy, capsules and calls to action.


Watchitoo Site Content Short Copy 

Short copy was needed quite often on my Watchitoo assignments, mostly because website visitors don't read; they scan. Once I've got the character count, I get to work on finding the perfect mix of words that encapsulate the key benefits for that section in the brand's voice.